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When our cavemen forbearers walked the Lean Belly Breakthrough Review planet, there were no processed foods, nor were there any fast foods, and without the modern day conveniences that we now all take for granted, such as the automobile, washing machines, vacuum cleaners etc, you would never have expected to see a fat caveman or woman. As long as they could get enough fresh fruits and vegetables, their good health was a given. Of course modern day science gives us a lot to grateful for. Modern medicine has taken great leaps and bounds, and we probably understand more today about the technical side of our diets, (what vitamins and minerals we need, and why), than ever before. But there is something to be said for the fact that our early ancestors didn't need to understand why certain foods were good for their health, because they ate them naturally anyway, and had natural herbal cures and remedies for certain illnesses. Today, we have to work hard at it to keep in good health, but it is quite easy to do if you put your mind to it. By eating plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables, by keeping to a nutritious diet, by exercising portion control, and by ensuring you partake in regular physical exercise, you can give your body the very best chance of maintaining its good health. 

The Vitamin B group are vitamins which can assist in the breakdown and utilization of amino acids, fats, carbohydrates. They help in the oxidation of sugars which are essential to proper brain functioning and metabolism. Vitamin B also helps to regulate the sugar level found in the blood and this is especially the case for hypoglycemic clients. Niacin which is part of the Vitamin B group has been shown to relieve such symptoms as hallucinations, paranoia and other such misperceptions. Epithelial and endothelial are common symptoms of a vitamin B deficiency. In B1, or Thiamine, common symptoms of a deficiency in this type of B vitamin include apathy, emotional instability, depressions, negative outlook and or fatigue and many others. In B2, or Riboflavin, a deficiency in this group will be shown by lip cracking, mental sluggishness, watery and bloodshot eyes, whiteheads and hair loss. In B3 or niacin amide, common definitions in this type include depression headaches, insomnia, burning sensations, and amoral behaviour. 

In B5 or Pantothenic acid, some common signs of deficiency in this type include low blood pressure, burning feet, tooth grinding and adrenal exhaustion. Some common signs of deficiency in Vitamin B6 include emotionally upset depression, excessive weight due to water detention, morning nausea in pregnancy, cramping in the arms and legs, cracks on the mouth, low blood sugar and many others. A vitamin B12 or Cobalamin deficiency could include such symptoms as a highly red tongue, numbness, loss of reflexes, mental illness, tiredness, nervousness, senile psychosis.  

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