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The Straightener is a truly amazing new product. Why? electra hair straightening brush You’re late and your friends are already waiting for you. You get out of the shower and it’s a super humid day. Your hair is a rat’s nest.You wanna straighten it, so you plug in your conventional flat iron straightener. You wait and wait for it to warm up, which takes almost ten minutes. You start straightening. You rush it, and you go out (lest your friends kill you!)You’re in the club and you go to the restroom. You look in a mirror, and you see the back of your hair isn’t straight at all!If you’re here, chances are this has happened to you just as much as it’s happened to me. So, I went ahead and bought a You may have seen the video that went viral on Facebook and Twitter. It makes the look almost magical. But is it? Read on to find out. received my brush two days after ordering, very quick (and free) delivery.The packaging is really nice, and pretty essential. It contains the brush itself and an instruction manual. opened it up and plugged it in. The plug is one of those safe tester plugs with the button. The cord also swivels, so it doesn’t tangle, which is great — my flat iron cord is always in a jumble.The turned on and I noticed that, upon first start, the temperature is set in Celsius. To change it to Farhenheit, you simply press the “plus” and “minus” buttons at the same time.Now, every girl knows that a flat iron takes a while to heat up, but not the : it reaches F in seconds!


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