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10-05-17 68 Hits Lumanere Ageless Facial Serum is an anti aging skin care product. It is said to “help support skin health.” The formulation is said to include “retinol and herbal extracts”. These are claimed to repair and rejuvenate the skin.This serum is said to help stimulate collagen production if used as directed and with regular skin care regimen. What this means is not clear. It is also claimed to increase the hydration levels of your skin.But what is missing among all this information is the exact set of ingredients. It is not clear what the formulation actually contains. They are themselves not clear. You see the claim that it “may” contain peptides, herbal extracts and botanical blends. They do not say that it does contain them.This is not a free trial. You will end up paying $89.84 for it if you continue use beyond the 14 day trial. You also could end up in a monthly auto shipping plan if not careful enough to cancel. It is also not clear where this serum is made or who makes it. Read on to find out why this offer might not be what you expected and why you might want to give it a miss and look for better alternatives. Get the bottle of lumanere Free Trail. For more informaion visit our site.


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