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With Messi  Three fantastic goals and Pique  of a header, Barcelona  in the Champions League  taking all the first round group stage third. Valdes  is a big star of the night, repeatedly blocking each other shot, and saved each other from the penalty spot before the whistle. Champions League beacon renewed, Barcelona  unstoppable. 13/14 season's Champions League first round group stage, Messi hat, Pique scored a header, the Catalan ultimate team won the opener. Ajax  the first ultimate team to show the spirit and courage admirable style, but Barca better. Under the leadership of Lionel Messi and Valdes extraordinary performance, the final score 4-0 to become the Camp Nou scoreboard timeless classic. Another group matches, AC Milan  beat Celtic 2-0. Barcelona summit with a 4-0 victory in the standings. Barca will appear next to Scotland, a year ago lost by Celtic Park (2-1). Both ultimate teams, the same idea from the start, the same ultimate team will demonstrate two concepts play the same style at the Nou Camp. Breathtaking scenery endless, Ajax and Barcelona also uses high ball and defensive tactics. Such grand extremely rare. Macy beginning of the FIFA 16 game to break the deadlock placid, Martino's ultimate team created more chances. Neymar  several attempts on goal, both by Virgin Kashmir resolved. Macy critical moment must be to break the deadlock, he personally kick of their own making, precision-guided missiles like the ball flew into the goal as Barcelona 1-0 lead. Barca's goal did not upset Ajax tactics, the visitors created two chances, but Victor Valdes made two world-class saves, rejected Fan Laien and Duarte's shot. Before halftime, Neymar also get a scoring opportunity, but misses the least bit of difference. And the recent FIFA 16 game against Valencia and Sevilla today than Barcelona played more robust. Messi Nou dominate the second half different. Ajax basically can not hold the ball for the first time, closing down Barcelona Fanqiang and play a great power. Soon, Busquets assists Messi broke, the score expanded to 2-0.4 minutes, Pique headed home to expand the score. Then, Messi scored the third goal, to complete the hat-trick. Messi once again become masters of the Nou Camp. God Valdez If Messi is the only star of the FIFA 16 game, certainly not correct. The Camp Nou this evening with two magical moment, the first Macy hats that moment, followed by Valdes saved the visitors from the penalty spot. Javier Mascherano  is sentenced to death, but there is god Barcelona Valdes. In the end, the perfect ending Barca Champions League this season premiere.

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