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The human voice is an Superior Singing Method Review  instrument and it can be mastered by anyone who does not have some sort of obvious physical or mental defect. The only exception to that rule are tone deaf people. And before you raise your hand and say "Oh, yes, that's me. I'm tone deaf!" Please realize that if you were tone deaf you'd know it. Very few people are actually tone deaf. To be tone deaf means you can not differentiate between two pitches played at all. For example you could go to a piano and play a C note and then a G note and you'd have no idea that they were two different notes. Does that sound like you? If not then you are not tone deaf! Don't use that as an excuse! 

 So yes you can learn to sing no matter how badly you may sing now! And guess what other myth I'm here to bust? The idea that perfect pitch cannot be developed. That is it something that only truly great musicians like Mozart & Stevie Wonder (interesting combination, but yes both had/have perfect pitch) have. But this is not the case! Perfect pitch can be developed by anyone who is not tone deaf. You just have to have the right methods to do so! 

 When you put together the ability of perfect pitch with the ability to sing on key you will be a truly remarkable musical force. And yes, you can develop both of these skills. Do not let your doubts or the myths hold you back. If you want it badly enough then you can do it!


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