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Car use a few years, why brakes rust, How deal with it?

A lot of people did not get to know why the Brake Pad Factory  rust, fear will cause braking performance. In fact, most of the family car brakes are cast iron, the body surface do not rust treatment, and also long-term exposure to sun and rain out, poor working conditions, especially if parked for a long time, the surface is easy to generate some rust. In this case, we can car storage yard 4S shop to see that these are new cars, but long-term there will be parked outside in this case.

General brakes rust is actually a normal phenomenon, not necessarily linked with the quality. But still has some influence on the braking system, but do not go to war, these issues can be handled by the owner himself.

If only minor rust, we can use the method with continuous braking rust, because disc brakes rely on friction between the brake caliper and the brake pads to the brake, rust can be ground in a number of under braking and of course, to do this in a safe method of sections. This is a slight rust "polishing" method.

If rust serious, the above method does not apply when braking will find the brake pedal steering wheel significant jitter, this must go to a special treatment, because the rust too "stubborn", not only "polish "No, barely whom also accelerate the wear of brake pads. In this case we would need to find a repair shop to remove the grinding brakes, the rusty handle clean.

Of course, rust too serious, even if the repair shop will not do anything, so often in the vehicle owner must place the state once every two months on the brakes maintenance. Causing the brakes to avoid serious corrosion aspects can also driving down the road at any time.

In addition to rust, automobile braking systems have to pay attention to what the problem?

In addition, like rust that we tend to see the situation, check the brake system, we also pay attention to two aspects. The first is the thickness of the brake pads, brake pads replace the thinnest limit thickness of about twenty-three mm, to this limit must be replaced. Instrumentation brake warning lamp position will be prompted to present many models in the brakes too thin, relatively self-test on convenience. The vehicle does not brake alarm do not worry, because the brake calipers will be close to the thickness of the thinnest positions have a prominent position, forming a brake abnormal sound to alert the driver.

If drum Disc Brake Supplier, you can listen in. Tap the brake at the same time accompanied by a "rub iron iron" sibilance, or to view the position of the handbrake becomes high, then the brake pads must be replaced immediately.

Check the brake system a further aspect to note is that the brake fluid, brake fluid is a high quality and good safety brake system functions basic conditions. Brake fluid should be changed regularly, all from the system to be let go of the brake fluid should be discarded and can not be reused. The market should buy better quality brake fluid. If the brake fluid is dirty, rinse and let go of the whole system, and then filled with the new master cylinder fluid. In a very long period of time if the total lack of brake fluid, and you always add that obviously something wrong with your brakes, you should check up.

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