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Even to the most accommodating of us, the words "body fat" make us uncomfortable. No one wants to have body fat. La Diète 3 Semaines PDF (As an aside, there are countries in Africa where body fat was considered prestigious, but only because it did not come with diseases. It was natural fat. Women were actually taken for fattening before their weddings). Anyway, it's just not the thing to have. 

The thing with body fat today that makes it repulsive and makes everyone want to get rid of it must be because it's mainly related to bad fats. If you know your fats, you'll know that good fats, called unsaturated fats, help to fight off the very diseases that bad fats (saturated fats) bring on. Depending on your fat choices, you can accumulate fat that is either healthy or unhealthy. Healthy fats can make you gain weight, but usually in the right places and only to a certain point. After that, your body has had enough to utilize for a while and will start excreting them.

Bad fats confuse your cells. You see, you cells need fat for normal cell metabolism. So a cell comes across a fat that it doesn't know what to do with since its composition is unnatural for smooth cell function. It stores it away. Keep going this way, and before you know it, you have body fat. 

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