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The Star Wars?: The Old Republic? team is excited to celebrate the release of classic KOTOR characters in the acclaimed Star Wars? mobile game - Star Wars?: Galaxy of Heroes. In Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes, players can unlock and play as beloved KOTOR companions, including the devoted Bastila Shan, the cynical Jolee Bindo and now the Savior of the Republic… Jedi Knight Revan!

This Fall, we’re also adding the next Tier of gear for your characters. Tier 5 gear is different in that you will only be able to craft them from schematics. More information to come on how you can acquire these new schematics!

We’re also focused on substantially improving the overall experience for Guilds too. Starting with Game Update 5.10, we will be releasing a variety of Guild features including heraldry, progression system, management, communication, and other general improvements. Guilds will also be able to challenge other Guilds directly in PvP matches!

Here is what you can expect in Oct this year of swtor credits(2018):

We’re targeting mid to late September for this update and is currently live on PTS.It remains our strong belief that having a quality experience every time you play the game is as vital as new gameplay. We started refining many areas last year and have continued adjusting our systems. You’ll notice a variety of enhancements to weapons, armor, PvP warzones, guild systems, decorations, Galactic Starfighter, and more on a continuous basis over the coming years.

With this Roadmap, we are announcing the availability of a Master Mode Gods from the Machine targeted for release with Game Update 5.10. We expect to make it available for testing on PTS in September. For those who love a good challenge, we’ll be offering some of the most difficult Boss fights ever experienced. Players will be rewarded for their efforts, but they should come knowing even the smallest of mistakes can lead to disaster. We are also developing additional Operation content and will discuss our plans in a future roadmap.
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