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Food for Freedom Review Signaling for help should be learned before you have to use it. If you don't have a two way radio, cell phone or a whistle, you will need to use visual signs. Depending on what you have for material, you can either use fire and smoke, a mirror, flares, flashlight or strobe light. Finding your direction without a compass. Nature gives us different ways to determine what direction to go including the moon, sun, stars, wind, trees, and even plants. With your knowledge of the terrain and these methods you can get a true direction to travel in. 

Wilderness first aid is one of the basic principles to learn. You need to know how to apply them even under a stressful situation. Although there are along of injuries I could list, learning the basic principles with help you apply them to almost any situation. Basic knowledge of how to predict weather. This will help you to take appropriate action before the worst comes.

This will also keep you out of trouble and your safety is at risk. Your survival skills will help you survive in a disaster or wilderness survival situation. Many people don't have the skill or knowledge to survive in the wilderness. That's why many people will survive in groups, even if its a small group. My advice is to learn all the survival skills you can. Learn from people who have been there, or can tutor you.

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