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Jiang  microblogging screenshot Tencent sports news  consists RUTHERFORD, Qatar Airways, Catalonia Tourist Association and Barcelona, 'Barcelona Action' club Quartet jointly organized activities in the third quarter, has been officially opened. Just by Tencent microblogging participate in the '# I Ai Basa  #' of the topic, have the opportunity to go to the Nou Camp to win the Barcelona scene cheer prizes! Share stories about free and Barcelona Nou cheer went after this event formally launched, the majority of Tencent microblogging users, fanatical support of many Barcelona fans. Plane model, fifa coins Tencent microblogging real-name authentication user Chiang  in their own micro-blog wrote: 'Who can tell me a reason not to love ah Barcelona Spain architectural style, my ideal; support for the Barcelona football, Macy's? by drifting; Spain Javier Baden, my idol;? And my favorite San Mao and Jose, I like the Rangers and beliefs ...... Who can tell me, fifa coins I do not love a reason to let me go to Spain ! Barcelona Bar Please !!!! 'Xu Wei Tencent users in the personal Tencent microblogging wrote:' May 28, 2009, more than a dozen high school that night to squeeze a partner hotel, the upper and lower beds The layers were separated paved 4 beds, so many people to lie down side by side, like a row of salted fish, (watch the Champions League final via live television.) With Eto'o and Messi's final two goals, beat Barcelona 2-0 at the time because it has Cristiano Ronald and unstoppable Manchester United, won the third seat on the history of Barcelona in the Champions League trophy. 'This made RUTHERFORD, Qatar Airways, the Catalan club Barcelona Tourist Association and the Quartet jointly organized the' Barcelona Action 'is the activities in the third quarter. Tencent majority of users, the Barcelona fans can post Tencent microblogging '# I  #' the topic, tell their story with red and blue army (can attach photos, videos, long microblogging), will have a chance to win went Poor FIFA 16 game for the chance! The event from January 2, 2014 beginning, the deadline was February 10, the Barcelona fans, action! (Robbie) text has been completed, you can press alt + 4 comments

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