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Hair Loss Protocol Review Hair loss, as the name suggests, is a condition in which a man or woman loses hair. Healthy hair is regarded as an indicator of good health as well as wellness, and in fact, tremendous hair falling leads to embarrassment and sometimes even affects the confidence level of a person. It is normal for a person to lose 50 to 100 strands of hair a day however if you begin to lose more than this or when hair comes out in patches, it means that you may be sick or not getting right proportion of minerals, irons, vitamins, and proteins through the intake of food. Even though it is most common in adults, baldness, otherwise known as alopecia, can also affect people of all age groups including teens and children. People shed hair due to a number of reasons such as poor nutrition, hormonal changes, aging, stress, scalp infection, and Trichotillomania (hair pulling disorder) - a type of mental illness in which a patient has a tempting urge to pull out the hair. In some instance, the cause of losing hair will be some kind of hair treatments in the form of dying, straightening, creation of permanent waves, and tinting. The intake of certain drugs used to treat arthritis, depression, high blood pressure, heart related problems, and depression may also sometimes result in baldness. Hair loss is also sometimes associated with severe flu, thyroid disease, cancer treatments, and high fever. In addition, hereditary factors can also be a causative factor for losing hair. Depending upon the symptoms and the nature balding, there are specific types of losing hair including Pattern Baldness (Androgenetic Alopecia), Cicatricial Alopecia - a kind of permanent hair loss in which inflammation occurs and damages the hair follicles; Alopecia Areata - an autoimmune disease, Telogen Effluvium - a category of hair loss that occurs due to the changes in your normal hair cycle, and Traction Alopecia whose cause is excessive hair styling.From DHI Inhibitors and Growth Stimulants to Antiandrogens and Anti-Inflammatory, a variety of options is available for the treatment of losing hair. There is also natural hair loss remedies like herbs and essential oils made from ingredients including red pepper, aloe vera, lavender, and thyme.

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