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Diabetes Solution Kit

How to understand juvenile diabetes is vital for your child's health. Getting the knowledge and being able to understand juvenile diabetes by managing the disease is essential so that your child can live a relatively normal life. Children with diabetes have different issues compared to adults with diabetes. Your child is growing and developing, psychological and social problems are much harder to handle as well as diabetes causing additional stress at a time in your child's life that is not the easiest at the best of times. Unfortunately when your child is diagnosed with diabetes, the whole family is affected and everyone needs to adjust to the new circumstances that are associated with having diabetes. The most important point to remember here is that your child is what comes first not the child who has diabetes, it is also important to remember that your child having diabetes is not your fault or your child's. 

By identifying the symptoms of type 1 diabetes you will know if your child is affected or not, following is list of common symptoms: · Urinating frequently - this is caused because your kidneys cannot return all the glucose to the bloodstream when the blood glucose level is greater than 10 mmol/L · Increased hunger - this is caused by the lack of insulin that allows the glucose to enter into the cells · Increased thirst - because of frequent urination, you lose lots of water that your body starts to dehydrate · Weight loss - this is caused as your body loses glucose from the urine and your body breaks down muscle and fat that looks for energy  

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