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Internet Marketing, why does it make good business sense? In this day and age with the change of economic pressure, more people are finding themselves on the brink of financial disaster; living paycheck to paycheck only to find them selves further in debt, with no sign of relief in sight. With the escalation of fuel cost and food one must find a way to off-set these rising expenses. There are several choices that are available to choose from, getting a second job is one of them. Of course, this means that other sacrifices must be made, such as being away from love ones, travel expenses alone these days like GASOLINE alone is cause for added income in your household! Then there's the car maintenance and up keep of vehicle to boot. Not to mention the deductions in our paychecks such as taxes - which are unavoidable. So is this truly a feasible means to off set the increase of economic pressures? Well, let's look at some other options... Another Choice is to buy into a bricks & mortar business or to buy into a franchise. Starting your own business is a wise choice but, consider this; 
the cost for starting your own business can be quite substantial ranging from as little as $7000 and as high as $1,000,000.00 and chances are that in your first 5 to 7 years your chance of success is less that 3%. To make matters worse you will still owe the bank for the loan that was acquired. See below some of the possible business options.

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