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It is quite possible to conquer the mind and then conquer life. Lets start with affirmations and then we are going to move way beyond them. What are your personal affirmations? These are any positive thoughts or statements you make about yourself daily. They could be beautiful, empowering statements written that you say to yourself out loud while looking in a mirror such as "I am love, peace and joy embodied from the universe for the purpose of sharing positive messages throughout the world." or "I have the power to be prosperous and successful in business." Or they The Slim Belly Fix could be informal, such as "I did a good job of clearing my desk today." What do your affirmations, formal or informal? I suggest having at least ten empowering positive, personal statements and reading them three times a day. This practice will help to re-train your brain from negative thoughts. Now, lets move on to limiting beliefs, which are those beliefs that limit us. For example, what do I believe about my career? My business? My weight? Do I think that I will never get ahead? That is a limiting belief. 

Do I think that I won't get that raise I want and need? Do I think that I won't get any more clients? Or that I won't get enough clients in time to keep my business doing well? These are limiting beliefs. Am I panicked about where I will get the money to pay my bills? This may be an obstacle to overcome rather than a limiting belief because it may be true that you are short on money right now. However, this obstacle can be overcome. You can get a part-time job, you can sell items you own that you do not need or you can ask for a gift of money from relatives or friends. These are ways to overcome this obstacle.Back to limiting beliefs. Do you think that you will never lose the weight you want to? That is a limiting belief. But losing weight takes more than a mind-set. It takes exercise and eating in a healthy way. So if you are not doing these necessary things to lose weight, it is an obstacle too. Are you getting the idea?

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