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Jagex has made some changes buy rs gold according to many players’ feedback, which are about the amount of fayre tickets and Happy Hours etc. We hope you can enjoy RuneScape Spring Fayre more happily from now on with cheap RS 3 Gold from RS3gold. 6x fayre tickets you can get when completing Spring Fayre attractions From now on when you complete Spring Fayre rides and attractions, you can get fayre tickets 6 times as many as the original amount. That allows you can obtain all prizes with daily tokens even if you don’t join in RuneScape Spring Fayre every day. Increased Happy Hours during RuneScape Spring Fayre Jagex also increases the amount of RuneScape Happy Hours every day, especially if you are American or Australian players you will have more suitable times about Happy Hours. That means you can ride more times than before. Actually, this change matters little for the free attractions during Happy Hour, for only one prize ticket will be gained every ride completion. 2 more available worlds during Happy Hour Prior to the changes made by Jagex, Happy Hour was available only on 4 worlds, right now there are 6 worlds. Responses to the changes from RuneScape players Most RuneScape players are very satisfied of the changes. Some players think it’s worth speaking out the advice about the game, for this time Jagex just made some adjustments based on their feedback. And they just hope there will be more and more players to voice their suggestions. will make changes.It offers customer 8% off for all RS products. Please use the discount code“NEW8RS”. While,10% off for RS 2007 account is available as well. Please use code"RSGACC". And you can also buy RS gold from on mobile.

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