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11-Day Diabetes Fixi 

Diabetes is a disease in which your body cannot properly use the energy you get from food. Your body cannot properly use the energy you get from meat, bread, milk, etc with process into sugar(glucose) with is then use for energy. If your pancreas doesn't make enough insulin, your body cannot use the sugar for energy, and the sugar for energy, and sugar stays in your bloodstream. Those people who think maybe if I just cut back on sweets I'll be fine are deceiving themselves. This disease requires a lifestyle change that does not fit the lifestyle. Management of diabetes is a combination of meal plans, exercise, pills, insulin, foot wear and nutrition supplements. Trying to locate all products or resources for diabetics can be overwhelming. Wouldn't it be nice if there was a company that understand diabetics and made items conveniently located at one location? Diabetes Lifestyle Superstore has raised to the occasion and meets all the needs or close to it of diabetics. Nutritionist and Diabetic educators benefit from this superstores recipes, meal preparation, food and footwear. Knowledge is power with diabetes and shapes a healthy lifestyle to enrich the diabetics life. The store is a viable resource for diabetic educators classes, nutritionist food and portion control for clients and diabetics access to resources and supplies. Diabetics are looking for convenience. It is stressful to go store to store looking for medicine, supplies and food. The lifestyle change of exercise, food, and medicine is an adjustment, but hunting and searching for items and resources is extremely inconvenient. Convenience of many items needed being located in one spot is brilliant. 

The Diabetes Lifestyle Superstore has items located at one spot. Can it be any more convenient? Yes. How about siting at home in a relaxing chair with your comfortable slippers on, as you order socks, shoes and a foot balm to treat dry cracked feet. The mighty convenience of on-line availability and the removal of store hoping and stress associated with shopping. Diabetics are looking for quality products that are also cost effective. When you are also cost effective. When you are responsible for expensive medicine, a special diet, special footwear and skin products-quality and cost are very important. quality insures an effective and lasting product that improves their life style and health simultaneously. Yet, cost is important so neglect in medicine, food etc. does not occur-because of outrageous prices. The Diabetics and support staff and hands down they achieve that goal.  

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