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The prices of options are determined by a few factors. Firstly, we have the intrinsic value or the price of the option if the trader uses it. The price can be described in three ways. When the exercise price is higher than the intrinsic value it is known as 'in the money;' when the exercise price is lower than the intrinsic value it is known as 'out of money;' and when the exercise money and intrinsic value are at the same level, it is known as 'at the money'. The second factor that affects the price of options is time value. 

The longer the time it takes for the options to move, a higher price will have to be paid. The changing interest rate also has an effect on the relationship between the exercise price and the intrinsic market value. Instability increases the chances of the market price affecting the exercise price in a certain period of time. An unstable currency will need a higher premium. Foreign exchange options provide an opportunity for traders to make a profit with lower risks. The options are very active at times of political uncertainty, important economic announcements and high instability. The trader has the power to decide whether he wants to capitalize on such situations.

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