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I scored an A+ on my test today! What if I don't get one tomorrow? What if I never score an A for the rest of my life? What if my teacher gave me this grade by mistake?" These are completely different thoughts coming from the same child. Notice the change Pro Muscle Fit in attitude and subject. The child first worries about living to see the next day, at the same time wants a good grade. And the ironic twist to most GAD cases, especially with kids, is there is no real reason to worry or obsess about. Everything is fine, the child has managed to build a mountain out of a molehill, in his or her mind. And the fear is always out-of-proportion or unexpected. The subjects to worry about are also diverse and can vary based on age or gender. Sports, academics, peer groups, xxxual issues, family life, the future, money, looks.. the list is endless. Symptoms of GAD in Children Some key indications and signs include: Feelings of morbidity and death Feeling sick or nauseated Always on edge Difficulty in having faith or believing in things Needs continuous reassurance Worrying about small things and issues Tired and lethargic Tends to think everything is their fault Acting fey or suddenly exuberant Cannot concentrate Irritated and moody Disturbed sleep patterns. 

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