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Of tomorrow, today and yesterday. This manifestation of an AD is a generalized anxiety disorder or GAD, a fear of anything and everything. Generalized Anxiety Disorder in Pro Muscle Fit Children Anxiety disorders are always associated with adulthood. A neurotic or worrywart adult, in fact, is a norm. But all fears have an incubation period and what better period for fear to firmly take root than childhood? Even in this happy-go-lucky period of life, fear is just waiting around the corner, to grab you. And amongst all the possible types of worry disorders in children, GAD is a popular type. Some common thoughts a child with GAD might have include: "The sky will fall on my head. Yes it will, it's there for that purpose." "I'm going to fail, I will be the dunce of the class, everyone will laugh at me. Or no one will even notice, because no one would even care." "Today might be the last day I live and I have not done anything good!" "I scored an A+ on my test today! What if I don't get one tomorrow? What if I never score an A for the rest of my life? What if my teacher gave me this grade by mistake. 

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