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said Balotelli in the world who do not know, but deep down this big boy is still preserved mankind's most primitive kind, according to 'Turin Sports Daily' provides a video, we can see the Ballot Lee meeting someone in the parking lot when a man fell to the ground and did not choose to ignore, fifa coinsfifa coins but the latter is very touching to help up, and took a bottle of water came to give relief. This video is beginning to see this wearing a red T-shirt, jeans man lying in the parking lot, then Balotelli appeared, dressed in the same clothes with Inter Milan coach during the day he took office raid press conference, Yahoo! Sport pointed out that this is likely to happen on the same day. Balotelli saw this man lying on the ground after natural strange, beginning to distance walked, then patted the man approached, presumably to ask him what had happened, the man fell to the ground in his mouth I do not know what to say, then Balotelli and the same route out of the parking lot a few minutes later, Balotelli is back, but the hands of more than a bottle of water, and let the man drank two, then The man pulled up. Like the man to restore sanity, and hold Balotelli's hand, as if to say thanks, and then the man drank a few saliva, and while drinking while also hand draped Balotelli shoulder, and then they helped each other to leave the parking lot. Yahoo! Sports pointed out that from the perspective of the VCR, which is a super-wide-angle shots of the picture, is clearly not the original parking lot surveillance camera, but is likely to be very popular foreign prank, but no matter what, Balotelli all do not ignore the name of the man fell to the ground and sped away, has been enough to make many people ashamed. Although Manchester City 3-3 draw with Sunderland last night's FIFA 16 game, he scored twice and sudden and ultimate teammate Balotelli penalty kick funny fight scene, but then he very calmly pulled desire rival ultimate teammates Dzeko dry rack, and then think that he had generous alms to a beggar £ 1,000, who say he is a bad guy do?

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