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Whether TV wall, headboard, or fireplace wall, ceiling photo walls and attic, who can think of the place, the floor is a good dotting decoration. In the choice of material, oak, walnut, teak material or color, there are shades, can create a warm, natural, taste, and can recycles plastic deck boardsreflect the owner's unique cultural connotation. The wooden floor into the kitchen In the traditional concept, a kitchen is easy to damp, oil and more places, wood flooring is absolutely not material for the kitchen. But with advances in technology and changing lifestyles, wide application of technology and heating, kitchen and wet and dry separation design, so the kitchen tile is no longer a "pet." While continuing to enhance the wood floor manufacturing technology and processes, moisture-proof, non-slip, easy care, color-rich product features designed to allow real wood floor got under the kitchen. Such as the use of high barrier substrate waterproof laminate flooring Outdoor Deck Stair Construction Products Agent is very high, the use of wood flooring can be extended to most areas of the balcony, bathroom dry area, kitchen and so on. Wood floors can reduce the noise Wood flooring, especially laminate flooring, hard ground knocking sound large, consumers have been relatively taboo, especially in families with elderly people or families with children. The good laminate flooring should be muted. Wooden floor noise mainly due to the void beneath the floor, the floor and the floor combined with friction, shoes and floor surface friction generated between the tongue and groove. To do so the silent flooring, product quality, installation environment, installation methods Cheap Outdoor Fence Export New Zealand are the key to the floor no warping, no loosening tight-groove floor, room floor in order to ensure seamless mute floor. In addition, by increasing the elastic buffer layer, it can also improve the elasticity of the floor, to reduce the noise floor.


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