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All kinds on the market, the price varying wood floors allow consumers to buy dazzling, and other sales industries like wood flooring find composite exterior flooring agent Saudi Arabia sales are also "hidden rules", Huli District Industry 12315 remind consumers, the purchase should be avoided fall into the trap of unscrupulous businessmen. Unspoken rules 1: color Dispute nothing Color is optional wood floor installation of the most common problems. According to previous cases of complaints observation, solid wood flooring and more complaints there are two: one is the product does not match the actual material and product introduction of the raw material; the other is wood flooring serious color issues. Just floor the same model, color and disputes are often dropped. BUSINESS Weapon: When consumers cheap deck to cover concrete buy models not only to remember, but also to remember the batch, if the color problem, consumers have the right to request a replacement business complaints. Insiders also pointed out that "due to the dispute a few floors color generated in the purchase of solid wood flooring, knots if the floor surface and the surrounding timber out, it means that the wood manufacturing solid wood flooring is not superior product, try not to choose such purchase wood floors, avoid the color problem. " Unspoken rules 2: Minimum consumption plus malicious loss Last week, the minimum area forest ... buy a wooden floor in the building materials market, sales staff said that because of insufficient number of businesses buy provisions, in addition to installation costs borne to her, but also subject to special picking fee of $ 100. In addition, the loss of pavement is something consumers often encountered. Some unscrupulous garden fencing for sale in Thailand businessmen malicious loss, consumers are easily misled. Miss Wang to 63 square meters of house decoration, but spent 74 square meters of wood flooring, spent more than 500 yuan. Business sector to remind consumers, real wood floor coverings area and on the box marked area will differ. Consumers often believe that their own money to buy wood flooring is the actual pavement area. This wood floor manufacturers do not buy it, the business sector mediation several times frustrating.

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