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If the opposite warlock sacrifice dog, watching Warlock Warlock position to play more, priority to kill the baby, if the soldiers had posted the first time Druid help dislodge the soldiers, so that a small German blood brush and water space, the front stretch , look for opportunities to play shaman, because this combination only kill point (in the case of not making mistakes opposite) Only the shaman can kill soldiers and warlocks kill almost too much to even think about, and of course we must seconds play therapy totem, this is the most basic and most necessary. To: French dark X this combination is our art element D is a good fight, the key point is that the demolition of control, across the control point is the Master of the deep end and warlocks sheep so we must communicate better off good, it is to give our badge D keep interrupted! At the essence of the play is a dark brush blood! Rising to brush the blood, when the fire was set Warlock please brush the blood, when the fire was set druid please brush the blood, this is esoteric. To: killed X play more DK, in the case of one's own halo ND milk and Germany to be more and whether or exchanges need help treat and reduce milk and Germany pay rate of skills, there is the opposite kite melee tied and free use with opposite We can see the situation turn opposite treatment or a control treatment position, and so on with the treatment site.


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