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Ronaldo retired after
busy, busy start a company, engage in charitable busy, busy organizing the World Cup in Brazil, only rarely appeared in the stadium. UNDP should be invited Ronaldo recently came to Europe, ready to participate in a charity event to fight poverty. In addition to Ronaldo outside, including Zidane, including the legend will debut. Take advantage of this opportunity, 'Le Parisien newspaper' interview with Ronaldo. The media, the large Luo talked about his future plans, do not want to coach, I hope when the supervisor. fifa coins 'Now, I'm busy make arrangements for the World Cup in Brazil. I am a member of Brazil's World Cup organizing committee. At present, we are doing preparatory work from beginning to end, there are many things that need to be addressed.' Ronaldo said, 'After the World Cup, my idea is : first rest period of time when the coach is not I do not I do not have a coach when the coach to teach the FIFA 16 players the idea that this is a very heavy workload most importantly, I do not want life step by step, like.?!. age of the FIFA 16 players, training and competition, so every day. 'Now do not want to teach, then Ronaldo management personnel willing to serve it? After the resignation of Leonardo, the sporting director position vacant. 'Le Parisien' referred to this issue. 'Sporting director? Indeed, I consider myself quite fit this kind of work. Entered Paris Saint-Germain? Maybe! I am the city of Paris has deep feelings, the President of Paris Saint-Germain and I also maintained a good relationship. However, now I can not consider this issue, we can only talk after the World Cup. 'Related reading:

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