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When I was lying down on the operation table three and a half months ago I was for the first time hesitant about being sliced open to repair my body.Up until that point I’d never questioned if I was doing it or if I’d be scared, but right then I suddenly understood why people kept asking me if I was nervous.If lots of sharp knives being opened and equipment everywhere doesn’t put you on edge there’s a problem.I was so focused on getting to the end result I never thought about the simple things.My curiosity was one of the triggers for have a quick alteration in mindset as I asked the anesthesiologist how long the needle was going into my spine.Fourteen centimeters of anything going into you should make you realize how serious this is.This was the sort of work for the big league medical professionals.The anxiousness quickly passed as I saw more and more scrub cladded doctors, surgeons, and assistants surround me.Then I sat back on the table began taking deep breaths of “the gas” and knew that the ten to fifteen people around me were going to take care of me as my body became inanimate and in their hands.

It took a long time to properly be diagnosed but when I finally got on the right track with the right doctors and was diagnosed with a condition that has plagued other cyclists’, iliac artery compression.It’s still astounding to me that it was only a few months ago I was a mess lying in the hospital and now I’m back racing.During my recovery walking was supplemented for riding and was my only way of competing with myself. With a large abdominal incision getting out of bed for the first week was a daunting task and walking only amounted to baby steps.Every day I’d get moving faster and farther and a few weeks later I was walking up to nine miles a day over multiple walks.I had never felt so out of shape, but it didn’t bother me too much since I would see drastic improvements nearly every day.

Most of us cyclists will say we do other things in life to balance out your riding, but in reality until you’ve been fully sidelined where you can’t ride at all you won’t realize that just about every decision you make on a daily basis revolves around one single thing.I know the extent of this now and see the selfless decisions we all make to do one simple thing.

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