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by equipment levels improved, but the lowest difficulty 100 is 615 (Normal full five-man dungeons equipment). Difficulty calculated according to the total loaded backpacks and the like have been equipped. PvE Question: I recently heard SOO epic difficulty is cross-service, then the difficulty WOD epic piece of information is it? After the latest copy of the difficulty is not epic cross-service, this limit will be canceled after some time, probably when the next version of the open group. Epic difficulty design goal is not five milk, rarely four or six?    Correct. When a few games to test many teams are holding four milk to fight, we might put it a few battles to increase the damage. PvP say when I saw the notice on the 6.0.2 version of the line rating the arena will be closed, that is not to say the conquest of the equipment can take the honor to buy? runescape gold Yes. CD reset function when the duel do going? I used to look forward to, but I entered the closed beta service up to now no. This feature is not enough time WOD on the line. Recent test version of the name you put the toughness quietly changed to '100 players harm reduction'? In fact, this is technically required. We need to keep the player base when low-level toughness, but to the high level after the buff there, but can cancel. Currently still no plans to join in 100 toughness. In most cases damage the rhythm feeling is good. 6.0 practice session on the eve of the patch have it?

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