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Atheno Cream The first and foremost reason why Atheno Cream is effective is due to the way it increases hydration and promotes the collagen level. Collagen plays a significant role in the skin. Basically, this protein is found naturally in the skin during younger years, formulating cushion between the layers for a plumper and suppler appearance. It holds onto the moisture that your body collect from the applying lotions But unfortunately, as you age, the body is not able to support its production. Due to this, your skin becomes loose and saggy. And it may struggle to be hydrated. That's where this product comes in. It restores and ignites the collagen level so as to make your skin radiant once again. And it brightens the occurrence of dark circles in order to refine your overall skin's tone and texture. By making its regular application, you can definitely get the results you have been striving for.


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