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As part of our basic gear guides, we’d like to go over mounts today.?Mounts in Neverwinter do not only come with an unique look, but also have some gameplay attached to it thanks to their Equip and Combat Powers. This article lists all relevant sources for mounts, as well as the pros and cons. As such it’s?mainly intended for new players that want to know which options they have gearing up. You won’t find class or build-specifics hints here.Snap up safewow 8% off neverwinter astral diamonds ps4 under Module 14 Mount guide.
Gold / Mount Merchant

    Example:?Palomino Horse
    PRO:?Available for Gold, a very expendable currency
    CON:?White quality mounts; only viable for very new characters

The entrance to the world of mounts is the basic Mount Merchant in the Protector’s Enclave that sells white quality steeds for gold. Although these are cheap, and gold a very expendable currency anyway, it’s only viable for brand-new characters. You can’t do wrong with them, but will replace them rather fast.
Astral Diamonds / Wondrous Bazaar

    Example:?Gilded Giant Spider
    PRO:?Instantly available; unique looks
    CON:?Overpriced in terms of gameplay relevance

One way to spend your hard-earned Astral Diamonds?is on the Wondrous Bazaar, that, among other things, offers a limited amount of mounts. The skins are unique, but completely overpriced in terms of gameplay relevance. Unless you really like the looks, stay away.
Astral Diamonds / Auction House

    PRO:?Auction House offers plenty of mounts; instantly available; cheap uncommon/rare ones
    CON:?Purple and legendary qualities are expensive for new players; requires market knowledge to find bargains

The other way of directly investing ADs into mounts is looking up the Auction House. All unbound breeds are obviously available and can be bought. This way you can fill up your stable almost instantly with any combination of mounts you like, but finding bargains requires some market knowledge. The more coveted mounts, especially purple and legendary ones, come with a steep price tag. If you however don’t mind spending a lot, you can almost grab everything on the Auction House.

    Example:?Armored Axe Beak
    PRO:?The latest lockboxes often feature unique mounts that you won’t find elsewhere
    CON:?RNG; not all lockboxes have Mounts

The latest lockboxes often contain unique mounts that you won’t find anywhere else. And that doesn’t only apply to the epic and legendary rewards, but also to the Mount Packs, which often feature serviceable steeds. Of course you have to depend on RNG to get what you want. So looking up the Auction House instead is often the better option. But if you’re about to open a couple lockboxes anyway, you’ll most likely will end up with something to ride on in the process.
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