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You may or may not have stumbled upon several threads and theories about Enchantments suddenly becoming bound. It’s weird, to say the least, because in many cases the cause of this apparently random incident couldn’t be tracked so far.?Now however this mystery has finally been solved.Gain $8 voucher neverwinter items to change Enchantments tatus. Customer support acknowledged that the change of the bind status is probably an unintended gameplay bug. Whenever you use bound Wards in the upgrade process, the involved Enchantment has a chance to become bound as well. “Chance” hasn’t been further clarified by the customer support.
We understand that the bind status of your enchantment has changed. We are unable to change any item’s bind status. You will just have to continue playing the game with what you currently have. With that said, having reviewed the information you supplied, we’ve come to the conclusion that this may be the result of an unreported gameplay bug.? Regretfully, we don’t have a resolution for the issue at this time.
Very Annoying for Players

This is annoying on multiple levels. First of all, using a bound Ward apparently always comes with the risk of binding the Enchantment in the upgrade process as well. Second, the costumer support refuses to change the bind status although they acknowledged it’s a bug. And last, the devs know about the issue, but it doesn’t seem to top their priority list. This is an unfortunate combination of factors working against the players. You can’t do anything against it and if it happens, nobody will help you. So your best bet for now is simply not using bound Wards on unbound Enchantments.

You can of course still use bound Wards on items that are already bound themselves, like Artifacts or Artifact Gear. The effect also works the other way round by the way. You can indeed unbind Enchantments (again) by using unbound Wards. That however is probably not a great workaround and we certainly hope that this nasty bug will be squashed soon.
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