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One of the most important things to focus on is muscle confusion for the fastest results. This is crucial! Most people have heard of the term "plateau". You hit a plateau when your body adjusts to your current level of activity and calorie intake. You can plateau after losing only one pound, many people who have experienced this have experienced the pain of working out at the gym everyday, watching what they eat, and still not see any numbers on the scale go down. If this has happened to you, then you know this is extremely frustrating!In order to avoid hitting a plateau, your diet needs to be consistent; eating every couple of hours (not big macs) filled with nutrient rich foods. Having a good workout program to lose weight is essential too. Alpha Levo Iq I can not stress enough the importance of muscle confusion. If you do the same thing everyday, let's say, 'treadmill- 30 minutes, 3 sets of upper body or lower body resistance training, crunches' with this routine you will notice small changes in the beginning and then become disheartened when your body adjusts and you stop noticing fast results. 

The number one thing to consider in choosing your workout program is; how much variation is added to this program? The best way to lose weight with a workout routine is a form of interval training. Your cardio will be much more effective if you push yourself to your max throughout your workout, taking short breaks after each max interval. Another thing to consider is strength training. Building muscle will burn more fat and help you lose weight faster than cardio alone. You don't need to lift heavy weights in order to build muscle either. You can use resistance bands, or even your own body weight for resistance training. Many women shy away from weights in fear of looking "bulky". Have no fear ladies, women in general have an extremely hard time building enough muscle to look bulky. In fact, women who do get bulky have to train extremely hard to get that look. Women generally don't build muscle the way men do, so the ones who do have to train harder, take proper supplements, and continue training extremely hard to maintain the muscle mass.

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