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25-05-17 58 Hits Proshred Elite :-“God, you have to exercise hard to lose this much weight from your body”, I said to myself while standing in front of the mirror. I know what you are going to say- exercise harder, do intense workouts, and opt for the weight loss regimen. I cannot opt for the weight loss regimen as I want to lose weight but enough that makes my body look lean and muscular.Not able to reach the next level of fitness is not my only concern, my bedroom story is getting monotonous too. I didn’t know low level of energy in my body will affect me so much.Enter present, the problems I have mentioned above used to happen to me but now this doesn’t happen to me. Curious to know why? Well, ever since I have started taking the combo of Proshred Elite And Max Antler Pro my performance is not like it used to be both in the bed and in the gym.


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