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Fat Diminisher System Review There is no right or wrong answer here. It is impossible to create a standard portion size or a specific diet because every one is different. The best advice is to go back to the basic food chart. The more vegetables, lean protein and crunchy fruits such as apples, in your diet, the better. Dairy should be avoided as it contains hormones which can further disrupt your imbalance. Soya also as this has been said to affect fertility. 

Sugar should ideally be replaced with Xylitol (a sugar alternative). I have found that it is easy to control your portions by following the rule: Your portions should not exceed the size of your fist. This may sound strange but think of the size of your stomach, in reality, it isn't much bigger than your fist, so why consume more than that at one meal. The good news is that with smaller portions, the frequency can be increased up to six times a day, so there is no fear of starving. Diet aside, movement is vital. You should aim to get at least 30 - 60 minutes exercise per day. This can be increased to 120 minutes for those who are physically able. 

Always consult your doctor before increasing the intensity of your exercise. You don't need to get a gym membership or any special equipment to ensure that you move consistently for the required time per day. Jog on the spot or jog at the park. Walking is also more effective than you think. Search for simple exercise videos online and incorporate them into your daily activities.       

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