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A new study debunks most of the common myth associated with mass shootings, such as the one at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Conn.
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According to a new crime study published cheap nfl football jerseys by a criminology professor at Northwestern University, most of the commonly accepted talking points on mass shootings are false.
One of the most common of the myths, the notion that mass shootings are on the rise and thus drastic action needs to be taken to stop them, is a narrative created in the minds of anti gun enthusiasts and mainstream media hacks who have a hidden agenda to disarm the public.
The study which was conducted by James Allen Fox of Northwestern analyzed data from a 34 year period ending last year. The data show that there has been no rise in the rate of mass shootings during that period, despite the impression created by news organizations, the anti gun lobby, and some within academia.
Fox discovered that the rate of mass shootings in America cheap jerseys supply has remained steady over the 34 year period. He further asserted that nothing much could be done about it as long as we have a free society where people are allowed to make their own choices, including buying a firearm:
"Mass murder just may be a price we pay Dt5FW6a9x for living in a society where personal freedom is so highly valued."
The China Wholesale Youth Football Jerseys study found that most mass shooters are not the crazed killers as portrayed on TV. Most of these crimes are driven by revenge, a natural human emotion/reaction in response to a real or perceived threat.
Fox was also able to totally debunk the top ten myths commonly heard on news broadcasts concerning mass shootings, among them being,
Myth one: mass shootings are on the rise. False.
Myth two: video games play a role. False.
Myth three: profiling will help catch the shooter before they act. False.
Myth four: expanded background checks will prevent shooters from getting guns. False.
Myth five: an assault weapons ban will work. False.
Myth six: widening the availability of mental health treatment will help. False.
Myth seven: armed guards at schools will prevent mass murders. False.
Myth eight: recent mass murders resulted in record setting body counts. False. And that is a price that a free society has been unwilling to pay.
My latest entry is now available at my blog at The Liberty Sphere under the section, "Musings After Midnight." It is titled, "With ear to the ground, more rumblings heard from the political landscape."
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