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Trading penny stocks is touted as a great way to make your small money into big money, but is it all hype that sucks money right out of your pocket or can the outcome be real profit that swells up your bank account?Safeguard Trader Review The first and biggest of hurdles for finding success in trading penny stocks is finding the right stock that is going to sky rocket just after your trading dollars have been invested. How do you find that "one in a thousand" stock?

Some penny stock marketers will be happy to sell you a program that will measure the stocks future potential and provide you the right recommendations.The problem is that many of these penny stock marketers have an agenda in providing the "right" recommendations for certain stocks. They may have a stake in the stock recommendations that suits their interest, not yours.

Do you really want to trust your hard earned trading dollars to a "half-cocked" trading bot that has no interest in your profit earning potential?Congratulations, if you by chance, hit the penny stocks lottery. For most, the risk/reward conundrum will be more than even a savvy trader can take without pulling their hair out, being wrapped in a straight jacket and taken to a loony bin.

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