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Differ from dyed Rayon Fabric , the fabric painting is an interesting thing which brings a totally different outcome as well. Since the fabric painting dose not require too heating or steaming, it is more convenient to use than the dyes, and now is became a new trend in the clothing line. Actually, the most fabric paints only require ironing to keep it bonded permanently on the fabric. Besides, the substances that used in fabrics paints are tested and certified as non-toxic substances which is safe to use even for children. Unlike dyes, fabric paints have a variety of effects that they may be metallic, opaline, opaque or transparent which likewise create a distinct texture only fabric paints can produce. Well, there are some basic fabric painting techniques you may interested in.

Dark background fabric painting: we all know that most fabric paints are translucent, so it is always a difficulty to cover up the color of dark fabrics. For this difficulty, it is advisable to pick up opaque fabric paint when painting on dark surface.

The alcohol and salt effect: the alcohol effect is done by dropping alcohol on the fabric paint in order to produce spots which are light on the inside and dark on the edges. While the salt effect is done by sprinkling salt on a moist painted fabric causing the salt to absorb the water in surrounding areas and leased pale sweep spots.

Silk fabric painting: you know, silk is a smooth and downy fabric which is hard for ordinary fabric paints to penetrate on it permanently. Therefore, a kind of special fabric paint called silk fabric paint is needed. And this special paint must be heated and ironed to ensure it is painted on the silk.

Sun painting: this method is done by placing items such as cu-outs from aluminum foils, feathers, leaves, etc. on a moist painted fabric and allowing it to dry. The exposed areas of the fabric to the sun would suck those wet paints underneath the covered areas which eventually cause the covered area to look paler. And this painting is more suitable for transparent fabrics.

At last, it is necessary to remember that ironing is an essential step in fabric painting. And the ironing is done by ironing on the back of the paint rather than directly on the paint. It is advisable to set the setting of the iron to cotton and set it for 3- 4 minutes of ironing.

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