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Watch World of Warcraft Mythic Keystone dungeon race teams compete for a share of $20,000 in scholarship prize money. Don't forget to buy wow gold with 8% off to experience Dungeon RaceAll matches will be live on Twitch from Thursday 9th through Sunday 12th of November between 5:00—9:00pm PST. Back in September, Tespa announced The Great Collegiate Dungeon Race, and we’ve already hit the double elimination part of the tournament! As things stand, 16 teams remain—8 teams in the upper bracket (no losses) and 8 in the lower (one loss, and if they lose again will be knocked out)—getting whittled down to 4 teams as we head towards the final. What’s the Deal? 16 teams remain, with 4 winning teams heading to the single elimination championship bracket Keystones start at 14, bumping up as the tournament progresses The tournament will be broadcast live over all four days Prize pool First place: $2,000 per player Second place: $1,000 per player Third & fourth place: $500 per player Where and When? All matches will be streamed live on our World of Warcraft Twitch channel Thursday 9, November 5:00—9:00pm PST Friday 10, November 5:00—9:00pm PST Saturday 11, November 5:00—9:00pm PST Sunday 12, November 5:00—9:00pm PST What is a Mythic Keystone Dungeon Race? Group dungeons and the teamwork they involve are centerpieces of World of Warcraft. And with the Mythic Keystone system introduced in Legion?, players are encouraged to gather up four of their friends and take on even greater challenges! With each increasing level of Mythic difficulty, the health and damage of enemies increases, and at certain levels new modifiers are introduced that will require players to adapt, evolve, and work together to succeed. We’re looking forward to seeing another great round of World of Warcraft competition, and can’t wait to see students from across North America banding together against the Legion! Welcome to join Safewow members Thanksgiving Presale. Please register or log in safewow before buying WOW GOLD US/EU with "WOW7L" code or other products, then you will get 3x reward points from November 9 to November 16. While you will get extra 1%-8% discount for buying any Products. Safewow WOW GOLD link:

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