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Pick your favourite timepiece from the 2017 Baselworld watch fair Any other industry fresh from a 10 per cent downturn in 2016 might be more inclined to hunker down and take stock.
But ­after four days spent in the thronging halls of the Baselworld fair, gazing at every brand’s multistorey ­pavilion, it is clear that luxury watchmaking isn’t about to tone things down. After all, in a world where time is told ­perfectly well by the phone in your pocket, Switzerland is in the business of selling emotions and stories, through ­beautifully made products, built to last for generations.
Two short years of slowdown, after an exuberant growth stoked by the ­Chinese boom, are hardly going to suppress something founded on its very longevity. That said, watchmaking is still a ­commercial ­enterprise, and the industry does seem to have changed tack in a highly positive fashion. Out with outrageous limited ­editions, gold carbuncles and pantomime complications; in with core-collection ­consolidation and future-proof ­innovation, or back to the old school with welcome doses of nostalgia. Rather than the "shrink-pink" ­treatments of men’s watches, women are better served than ever.
Even smartwatches are starting to make sense, now that we’ve established that they’re not a threat to traditional horology. Ten years ago, it was all about bling and one-upmanship.
In 2017, it’s about making an ­informed purchase, safe in the knowledge that here is a timepiece that will tick for far longer than any flighty trend or economic wobble.


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