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coming Mid-Autumn Festival Messi  and Cristiano Ronald  successive hat-trick of Tencent sports news coincides with the Mid-Autumn Festival, the big European FIFA 16 players on the field did not forget to faraway China fans competing offer gift Champions League  the lead in the first round of the Cristiano Ronald wearing a hat yesterday, today Macy same with his golden left foot three times successfully knocking at the gate, La Liga  two star signs the scoring battle moved to the star-studded Champions League, but also with a hat-trick after another, what high-end atmosphere on the grade. La Liga clubs while star striker scored Competition, the history is not uncommon, in November 2008 Eto'o oy Higuain was in the same round of the Primera Liga in each completed Luckiest Man, Massey Cristiano Ronald 21 last season also On the same day dedicated efforts 7 balls (Portuguese wearing a hat, then Messi Luckiest Man). Problems in the Champions League so high and intense competition arena, they also give an inch, you Changba me play, it is wonderful. Even more unusual is still in the Champions League group stage opener, to know at this time the ultimate team has cut the desired universal attention opener, will not appear on the final two rounds of qualifying hopeless errand of the bench to deal with the situation, and therefore on a Champions League debut will just capped FIFA 16 player, also dates back to 2009 Wolfsburg striker Grafite. Cristiano Ronaldgan Laoer Ou crown yesterday tied his career record of 14 scored twice, almost equal to Messi, today the number of Argentines will brace up to 17 times. Cristiano Ronald front foot has just completed his second Champions League hat-trick, Messi put his promotion to four times the same statistics, beyond the Gomez and Inzaghi, became League (referring to the Champions League after the restructuring) is the first person, Cristiano Ronald only with   Owen et al tied for fourth. In his first 80 FIFA 16 games in the Champions League, Messi will increase personal goals to 62 goals, became the second incident on 60 goals in the Champions League over the high-yielding killer, from the top of Raul has're just 9 goals this season it is expected to surpass Lord of the Rings.

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