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  bots everywhere over the world, in lobbies, throughout dungeons, in world, in your close friend requests grind that you are unable to do because there exists only a couple of places to even get materials or get tricked by people available, most of these people are Blade & Soul gold offering bots.

connection issues that will prevent people from having the capacity to get the issues through play on account of mechanics that prevent KSing stuff have several TRILLION hit points in a rush content. 3 years worthy of of updates everyone is expected to always be through with by now after only 3-4 months. PVP being forced to perform PVE to acheive their skills for you to play the World PVP (one particular tournament organizer by now quit BnS events) PVE being forced to perform PVP so as to progress in the storyline and also other PVE when that they dont like any portion of it (Mushin's Podium PVP emulator, World, Faction etc).

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