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It is the way we have been living for thousands and thousands of years. In the beginning humans did not produce food which was found. How many years it took for the humans to produce food for their own use? Only our thought experiment can tell any story about how we learned cultivating food crops. So people will continue to search for food; they either produce or buy it. People will continue to kill animals. People will cut trees for fuels if they don't have alternatives. Survival is somehow encoded into our DNA. People will do anything to live. They are driven by self-interest. It is instinctual. But humans are also social and rational. Values, beliefs, norms, ethics, etc., are creations of human mind.

Value is a word with several meanings. In statistics, it is the score or figure observed on a particular variable for a particular case, that is, it is a quantified amount. In economics, the labour theory of value states that commodities are exchanged according to the amount of labour embodied in them (Marx argued that value did not always correspond closely to actual price). In attitude research, values are ideas held by people about ethical behaviour or appropriate behaviour, what is right or wrong, desirable or despicable. In this article we use values in the third sense. Belief is a principle or idea accepted as true, especially without proof.

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