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nutrients to your cells in a refreshing way. Most juices provide your brain vital nutrients that, in turn, give you more energy and mental focus. 36) Have sex: Having sex is a great way to release vital hormones naturally in the brain. When involved in a loving relationship, sex improves social connectedness and emotional intelligence. Sex allows relieve stress, and is a great way to give your brain a boost. There are chances that sex will also improve your confidence and ability to think positively! 37) Keep learning: If you are in school, chances are good that you will boost your brain power! Minding school work, study for tests, mean give your brain a good workout in the areas of self-discipline, .

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Lurong Living By learning and preparing to reflect you take control of your brain paying little mind to outer circumstances. What eventually happens is you started to re-prepare your psyche to be quiet and create mental parity. A parity psyche is a…

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