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If you wake up in the night just a quick hey where's my entire back to center and try to fall asleep there is something that you can do to your car when were sleeping and for most prevalent one adult and ecology is your computer but especially that you're gonna probably computer 20 around here now we hear ya right not so that might need for sure does your usual words into what might feel that more than iraq gets double-teamed kind of posture initially but it is time that you become national park uncomfortable because of how types might be and how the muscles of the neck lightly as well so this is the next last year bility and take care of this business shower alright first my favorite stretch upper back and neck delivers scapula stretch for the dollar theater stretched as my corporate record straight years we always remember things that was what about so-called whatever you want but later schedule I Darth Vader neck stretch the name doesn't matter it's important that you understand the features of what's happening during the stretch to karma that up to the sky and then Regent Dr Stein really work it down as far as you can call now if you feel instantly here is like it to be and so is likely to do this stretch more often until this isn't quite so tiny and painful alright remember tries to turn this game console her to get a nicer computer all day elbow and hand function as well shoulder too so we hope that ok but that's not what we're doing today you got yourself when she is stretched too much serious or not in the stretch and then keep your head down to the opposite arm of whichever army and you can check The Forward Head Posture Fix Review steffi lines on the actual tissue of an upper neck and back so I'm not going to be deep breath 


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