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Take the advice you are given by your medical professionals. There is clearly a lack of valid information about this disease, but there are some things that are known. A low salt diet is advisable to reduce the fluid buildup in the inner ear. Too much caffeine and alcohol can exacerbate the symptoms, especially the dizziness and balance problems. Sometimes it is a bad idea to drive, especially if your vertigo comes on with no warning. Exercise, when you feel up to it, is good and getting healthy through proper diet and taking care of yourself, including getting proper rest, will empower you, even though there are no studies to show they actually help control the disease itself. There is some indication that Meniere's patients who are physically fit generally handle the symptoms better. Learn everything you can about Meniere's. Read articles, research information you find on the internet, but don't accept everything you read as gospel. If one thing is certain in this crazy disease, it's that nothing is certain, and everyone is different. Simply arming yourself with a bank of knowledge will help you feel like you are taking proactive measures to reassert control over your own life. Use the resources that are available. Get a hearing aid, if your hearing is a casualty of Meniere's. Take a taxi if you're afraid to drive. Establish a quiet place at work where you can relax if you feel dizzy. Look for ways to live with the symptoms you have, instead of wasting time wishing for a cure. Self-pity is unproductive and feeds on itself, eroding your self-esteem, and your strength. Find a new normal. People who hope to live a normal life after developing Meniere's must be open to finding what will now be normal for them. It may be finding a new favorite restaurant, establishing alternatives for driving when attacks are frequent, arranging to work at home or finding a job that allows for the time you may need during attacks. The important thing is to set priorities, investigate possibilities, and implement solutions.

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