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Nowadays most cheaper Plastic Cup cutlery will be served with fast food and takeaways. It is used once to serve a purpose and is thrown away. Silver Utensils Of course, there is another option, which is much less popular than it used to be. Responsible for the universal term silverware, cutlery constructed from sterling silver is a luxury that not many can afford. Intricately designed and built to last silver-based utensils are of outstanding quality and require a lot of care and maintenance to ensure they don't tarnish. Often reserved for special occasions, not many people eat using silver-based products. Thinking about Value A good quality cutlery set can last for years and often retains its value. You should consider carefully whether you want to be investing in a long term purchase or are prepared to top up your supply every few years or so. If money is no object then ceramic or silver options are obviously top choices but the maintenance involved with silver is complex, meaning every day use is probably not your best option. You can pick up metal flatware very cheaply in all department stores and even market stalls but whether you want to compromise quality for Plastic China Plates cheapness is your decision. Silverware can be bought much more cheaply second hand.

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