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Certainly, the line was long– we arrived not long after the strip cutting– yet the fervor noticeable all around was obvious. Suitably enough, it Bisou Cream was a warm spring San Diego day which made us much all the more ready to hold up quietly in line. We looked as individuals went with immense scoops of frozen yogurt sandwiched between each sort of treat possible. Most likely those all can't be free, I pondered internally.fter around 20 minutes of holding up, beyond any doubt enough, we strolled in, requested whatever we needed and left with the most fabulous frozen yogurt sandwich I've ever had in my life. The decisions were almost overpowering. That is to say, simply LOOK at their menu (underneath.


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Dioxane has perhaps been banned from California's State and is certainly recognized to trigger cancer. It is a by product of a cancer- producing petrochemical that's called ethylene oxide, that is found in a procedure called ethoxylation. This technique…

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