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Phoenix coaching sports news Chelsea brought to life, that is, after the FIFA 16 Cup Rick Birmingham promotion, the league home and Stoke City are also 1: 0 and absolute advantage and Possession won the FIFA 16 game, Blues sound system rendered out again, DiMatteo smug chewing gum, just like a second-generation template Ferguson, confidence is written on his face, the change was reflected in the two FIFA 16 games. Who stepped down after Boas, Chelsea usher in the FIFA 16 Cup knockout, a first look at the big hero and the bench players, we know DiMatteo is a big dare to suppress coach, but this is to play to the public to see, locker room surrender, the old players to the bench, led by Frank Lampard is also cheeky smile, DiMatteo pictures have Dominating a race feeling, the Chelsea player who exploits became the new Duozhu Stamford Bridge. Last change is to enable the past few starting players and young players, the scene is active and can quickly dial planchette positive, the defense bar's safe, though a bit chaotic in the first half, but the second half of the sudden it hit the bull's-eye shot Lengjian It can be seen DiMatteo local conditions but will use their hand, and he has coached the Premier League related Biboesi more experience he comes to know ourselves. Di Matteo's Chelsea in the first cycle did everyone has the opportunity to play, even if it is to be frozen for a long time Kalou also have a chance to play in the second half substitutions are more precise, the two FIFA 16 games are so embattled. However, there are different points, that is the first to mainly young players, the second is to catch Chelsea 107 birthday, starting almost do send veteran debut in the second half into the schedule of Warcraft Drogba birthday, the Mata assists accurate This substitution immediate, say DiMatteo know first half 38 minutes before the ultimate team is the lack of such a last pass Mata sharpshooter. Also have a new coach, but puzzling aspect, the first one is the first half substitutions, with Mata also under Meirelles, in fact, the latter a little sluggish performance in this field, but really halftime substitutions rare, Meirelles did not particularly serious injuries, so this can be seen substitutions DiMatteo sharp and decisive. But in other words, he did not pressure Boas big, Boas was not supported by his pressure tactics and ultimate team veteran players are saying good-bye. Boas will not work, but DiMatteo current two-FIFA 16 game winning streak is too be flexible, will continue Chelsea conventional superiority, not enough passion to get two victories, but now Chelsea really can not because I wanted to quickly transform and To fut coins get one-third of the passion for FIFA football, because the Champions League places next season are realistic than anything else, DiMatteo can do Boas can not do, insist on something different. But because it can not be said DiMatteo Road dare to take risks, the FIFA 16 game he was risky, he manufactured the first half in order to protect the red card Fowler will send opponents end hero Ivanovic replaced, but put the former love of conflict and love to attack Lewis hit right back position, this is a lot of people did not dare to try the transposition. Previous coach let Ivan hit defender, but never dare to do more to try, not to mention a bit to take bold Louis, but this employer but also play a good effect. Ivan right back in this position once the injury must be someone on top to go, while Bosingwa is most likely to leave at the end of the season, ahead of those who cultivate a replacement is correct, DiMatteo described as bold but cautious. Chelsea coach there is a change totally different from his predecessor, Frank Lampard can first off the bench, but the second the absolute starting position, coupled with extremely flexible forward position 2 Chelsea midfielder found the second spring. Particularly strong sense of the FIFA 16 game he's shot, can also be back on the pressure, especially on long-range in the middle position of the shadow indeed back once, Chelsea not only have to rely on old and new are also advantages to Bo Faster goals, which is utilitarian FIFA football, Boas was a perfect execution of FIFA football philosophy, so he failed gone. The record is not good coach who must be punished, but that does not mean he will not stand up again, while Di Matteo led Chelsea Thus, in addition to unite the ultimate team, it is that basically everyone has their own position, attack with more understanding, each player on the court know what the Chelsea defense not panic, in order to capture Naples in the Champions League FIFA 16 game next week, because the home is not allowed to be scored. Besides the FIFA 16 game to send troops back position it is right, because the Premier League Stoke City is high ball expert, whether offensive or defensive, so will be starting together DiMatteo partner Terry and Cahill played with Under Terry's partner, Tim Cahill only solid defense, encounter dangerous situations can calm saved the day, and on the offensive end a foot higher than the long-range shot and the quality of all his ultimate teammates, which is Chelsea this field harvest. The next test will look DiMatteo successful weekend's FIFA 16 game against Napoli, the recent victory over league rival opponents momentum is also strong, so at home against strong opponents, DiMatteo also need to be more accurate prediction of God and the starting lineup, What is the strongest ultimate team on the next FIFA 16 game Chelsea.

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