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S15 Season: Rated battlegrounds Holy players to share experiences Abstract: Rated battlegrounds Holy players to share experiences, do not tell milk ride milk and Germany to fight the therapeutic dose, different occupations, Darkscape Gold different positioning, good animal husbandry, God do, to help the team just great. Let us talk about control of the blue, blue sorely lacking holy priests, so that this first question: 1) first heap spirit, then stack crit (disputed this point, my understanding is: crit though to see the face, but sometimes can life-saving, but also disguised provincial blue, while proficient, is icing on the cake). My spirit heap to 13300, the feeling can be persistent and other occupational therapy flat; 2) Since I am out of the shadow with students, so only put Shadow Magic, so in 70% of cases to put a blue, so for 3 minutes The battle means you can put two Shadowfiend; 3) the remaining 30-50% of the blue, not much pressure in the blood line when, with the hope hymn. Or if you did not put before the Shadow Magic, put a Shadow Magic hope to find a safe place to sing hymns is also OK; 4) cascades are very good skills, but mana high blood pressure group, CD Well put, Do not pressure the abuse. Control blue Speaking of which, say others: 5) moves, post moves, I think more important than treatment practices, control cattle breaking the law face knife team, and his teammates to keep enough distance from 35-40 yards


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