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I started too many times in the air and beaten BOSS skills fall led to destroy mission. Fourth destroyed on the 5th, when the scene if there are missiles, missile or pipe mouth,buy runescape gold  do not hesitate to open a deterrent after the jump on the go. After the fifth knocked down mines kill BOSS is basically strong, no downsizing, playing a milk team, basically the BOSS can be declared over, if there are mines on the scene to strengthen, you can see BOSS blood select mines kill or control mines kill BOSS, this time hunting and survival Frost Trap, bound shot, are good things. If you play the team 2 milk, not much later also to be noted, and his follow the previous befriend reasonable deterrence, good skill reasonably avoid it. Anyway field under the belt group, the best wheat are open, timely communicate well in advance, in order to rationalize the various outbreaks life-saving skills. BOSS is also a comedy about this, we have been playing two milk Sa, we off to more than 12 points, the best one BOSS600 million blood destroy mission, I played eight waves above the conveyor belt, destroy mission because our command SS , nervous excitement plus a point directly ran his big mines killed themselves in the past, one of milk to bed, he grabbed a guild we have not played the Master, or Austrian law, he came to play the first three over The BOSS, fourth on my belt when he died, so he just punched 250,000 seconds wound, so to conclude, whatever your configuration is a group of 10 people or 2 milk milk, all you can Normal destroyed the BOSS, a variety of the attention off the blob reasonable to avoid good note, BOSS did not feel this legendary so difficult. Video only anti-riding perspective, is transcoding later need team can also find me. To sum up a few points, it is the best choice when a 2468 wave of normal on a conveyor belt, to avoid too many accidents dropped off group, the first on the scene when there is enough time clean, slowly onto the pipe wall After the jump on the go! (Light that fucked me sixties and seventies the various fourth time on a variety of skills to jump in after being shot down down) that several waves 2 can not be normal, do not choose to take the pipe wall up and then after the jump, jump directly into the pipe, the pipe then you dropped altitude after the jump, some may fall (various pipe wall after walking on the conveyor belt to withstand heart jump, the more intense the more inattentive to own a direct themselves from the pipe wall go fall down, really understand the meaning of perpetuity) a few waves on the pipe mouth 3 are normal missiles, and fire, do not mean your deterrence, the BOSS therapy busy to see you, you can also reach the treatment, everything avoid deadly skills on their own. 4 is a variety named first time suspended animation evade, eat Shredder AOE and missile first time sugar, alive to complete the task.


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