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I’m not giving up on this yet. I am getting by means of to purchaser service and am on maintain right now as they get me a united states of lux hd450 phone lenses review americatracking number. Adequate, simply bought hung up on. Calling again. On preserve, waiting for a sales consultant. Exceptional character. Says her notes say an electronic mail with the tracking number is being emailed. Stay tuned.Well, one month later and no lens. They no longer reply my calls. I by no means bought any monitoring quantity. This can be a scam, Please do not order these lenses. I’m trying to find a fraud company to file it for what it’s valued at. I hate humans like this.Ok, I need to retract my out and out distrust of this product. I obtained my lenses at present. Apparently I ordered three sets of them. Probably i will be able to sell them again. I am going to shoot some pics in these days and will file again on how I think they evaluate to my Canon as well as an $18 set of identical lenses bought on Amazon. I am hoping this may increasingly support others in their picks.Lisa, the ad states $29 however it also states that you have got to order THREE so as to get that rate. So you’re $87 invested at this factor unless you bought the assurance and another special you may have taken expertise of. I’m absolutely anxious to see how it does for you.


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