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The onlyBulkhead Lightproblem will be deciding what gardening tool or accessory to buy. We think of gardens in connection with spring and summer but there are garden gifts suitable for any season of the year. Customizing the gift to suit the interests and personality of the gardener guarantees a gift your friend will cherish and use. Someone who loves roses will appreciate a pair of rose shears to cut the blooms and strip the thorns. If you want think bigger, put together a rose bucket. Buy a colorful enamel bucket (not too large) that is suitable for placing roses in as they are cut. Fill the bright bucket with a thorn stripper, pruning shears, rose food and a spray bottle of insecticidal soap. Another option is a popular classic potted rose already in bloom. Stick a trowel and thorn stripper into the pot and add a small packet of rose food. Wrap the pot in a circular piece of landscape fabric used to thwart weeds. In cold climates, winter is a frustrating time for dedicated Decorative Solar Light gardeners.


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